It's Time For Change

Given the corruption of the Wynne Government on the left, the insidious behaviour of the Provincial PC Party on the right and the anaemic offerings of the NDP I believe it is time for Newmarket‐Aurora to have an INDEPENDENT PROVINCIAL CANDIDATE that will ensure Queen's Park gets "ALL SHOOK UP".

As a direct result my telephone has been ringing off the wall with disillusioned voters of all political persuasions!!! I am delighted that those Liberals who cannot face another round of Kathleen Wynne's impious ways are giving me their votes. Those PC Party members that are feeling discouraged due to the dastardly deeds of their leaders are also giving me their votes. We as caring Canadians and loyal Ontarians must never countenance a party that appears to have completely lost any semblance of a moral compass in their dreadful treatment of Patrick Brown!!!

As I enter my third decade living in this wonderful community of Newmarket-Aurora I am honoured once again to offer a political alternative to our voters. I would however remind everyone of that Elvis song "It's Now or Never". Having just celebrated my 68th birthday I am not sure how many more years I have left. In closing let me reiterate the importance of following the Westminster model of Parliamentary Democracy to which we as Canadians subscribe. This model reminds us that we should never just vote for the party but we should ALWAYS vote for the person!!!

I would also like to remind all constituents that in voting for me they will be receiving four candidates for half the price of one!!! I am a Red Tory, a Blue Liberal, greener than the Greens and my socially progressive left wing can run circles around the NDP!!! If you honour me with your vote I will NOT let you down and I will say, "Thank you, thank you very much"!!!

Giving Back To The Community

Half my salary will be donated back into this riding to battle poverty.

Local Issues That Will Be Addressed

  • More frequent commuter trains
  • Greater protection for green spaces (especially the Oak Ridges Moraine)
  • More funding for senior citizens to improve retirement and nursing home facilities, recreation, cost of living and health programmes (including our Veterans)
  • Support Federally funded university education for qualified undergraduate students
  • Increase hospitals, hospital staffing and decrease wait times
  • Increase funding for Social Services
  • Strenuously protect and improve current levels of funding for education across Ontario and reduce pupil teacher ratios