I truly believe that Canada is the greatest country in the world and am determined to "Stand On Guard" for what we consider to be the "True North Strong And Free".

Today we, as the Federal "Progressive Canadian Party" (PC Party of Canada) are proud to be the only federal political party that abides by the Westminster Model of Parliamentary Democracy. That system clearly indicates that Electoral Districts should ALWAYS vote for the PERSON not the PARTY!!!

We are the only federal political party that has TWO wings. Our LEFT WING is socially progressive and our RIGHT WING is fiscally conservative. You will really be getting FOUR candidates for the price of ONE because I am a BLUE LIBERAL, a RED TORY, GREENER than the GREENS and our SOCIALLY PROGRESSIVE LEFT WING literally runs circles around the NDP who somehow continue to be content to waste money attacking symptoms of problems as opposed to causes!!!

Health & Welfare

  • We need to return to a strong "Federal Health Infrastructure" dispensed provincially
  • Adoption should be a clear government alternative to abortion
  • We need to support the Canadian Charter of Health Freedom especially with Natural Health Products


  • We need a combination of "balance" between the Paris Accord, The Kyoto Protocol and Reality
  • A proper approach to a well‐reasoned Carbon Tax can produce a "Green Employment" boom!!!

Foreign Affairs

  • We need to support our Troops and we need to bring them home as soon as viably possible
  • Our Foreign Policy should be made in Canada not in the USA
  • Globalism must NOT usurp the National Interests of Canada. We must "Stand On Guard"!!!
  • Charity begins at home. We cannot put the needs of illegal entrants ahead of Canadian Citizens
  • Canada cannot and must not capitulate to "Communist China's" impious designs on world domination

National Affairs

  • Appropriate balance between fiscal responsibilities in Social Spending
  • Revisit capital punishment with a view to allowing punishment to fit the crime
  • Modify the "Bail Reform Act"

Local Issues That Will Be Addressed

  • More frequent Commuter Trains and possible "Double Tracking"
  • Full extension of Hwy 404 North into outer regions of Georgina
  • Greater protection for green spaces
  • Immediate Implementation of The Lake Simcoe Protection Plan released 10 years ago!!!
  • More Federal funding for Senior Citizens to improve Retirement and Nursing Home Facilities, recreation, cost of living and Health Programmes
  • A resuscitation of the original PC Party platform invoking the "Covenant" we have with our Veterans to look after their needs to the grave
  • Support Federally funded university education for qualified undergraduate students
  • Increase hospitals, hospital staffing a decrease wait times
  • Increase funding for Social Services
  • Strenuously protect and improve current levels of federal funding for Elementary and Secondary education across Canada with a clear commitment to significantly reduce pupil/teacher ratios

Giving Back To The Community

Half my salary will be donated back into this riding to battle poverty.